New Patients


Dear Valued Patient, 

Thank you for choosing Scott Dentistry. I am Dr. Micheal W. Scott, and I look  forward to meeting you. My goal is to provide you and your family with caring,  comprehensive, quality dentistry with a focus on health and prevention. We welcome new  patients to our dental practice and appreciate the opportunity to make Scott Dentistry your  dental home. 

Here’s what to expect at your first visit. Please set aside 90 minutes for this  appointment. For new adult patients, you and I will begin with a meeting in my  consultation room where we will review concerns, expectations, and goals for your mouth.  This is my opportunity to discover what is really important to you, and your opportunity to  discover what is really important to me. I will then invite you to join me in a treatment  room where I will perform a comprehensive examination including: 

  • a tooth by tooth exam for decay 
  • a head and neck cancer screening 
  • an examination of your gums to check for periodontal (gum) disease using  the dental health fitness software 
  • a check of jaw joint function (TMJ) 
  • an initial analysis of your bite 
  • diagnostic digital photographs of your teeth & your smile  

We will also take a series of digital x-rays to check for decay and other things that cannot be seen upon visual exam. I will then analyze all of the information gathered and create a  customized treatment plan for you. If necessary, I may invite you to return to our office for  a complimentary consultation where I can present treatment recommendations to you and  answer any of your questions. Our goal is to make your new patient experience a great one.  We want it to reflect our mission— 

“We will provide exceptional dental care that encourages positive experiences, builds lasting relationships, and promotes trust through education. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our team, our facility, and our dedication to exceed the expectations of our patients.” 

So that I may be prepared for your visit and we can use our time more efficiently, please complete the new patient forms and return them to me at least 1 week  prior to your scheduled appointment. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me. Again, thank you for trusting your dental care to us. My team and I will look forward  to spending time with you soon. 

Committed to Dental Health,

Dr. Micheal Scott

What Makes Us Different

  • We believe that the best dentistry is no dentistry…our goal is to help you  achieve health and stay out of Dr. Scott’s chair. 
  • Our focus is your health…you can be confident that Dr. Scott will only  offer the best, most conservative treatments using the safest materials to  care for your dental needs & we consider how dentistry will affect your  overall health 
  • We keep a very orderly schedule and make every effort to stay on  time…we don’t even put magazines in our reception room because we  will be ready to see you at the reserved appointment time 
  • We offer minimally invasive dentistry, an approach to avoid costly root  canals & crowns…you can trust that Dr. Scott is truly offering what’s best  for you 
  • Our new patients spend the majority of their first visit with Dr. Scott…he  is directly available to provide explanations & answer questions 
  • We don’t do cookie-cutter treatment plans…your plan will be very  specifically created for you and thoughtfully organized 
  • We refuse to assume that we know what you want…we will always offer  treatment plans for ideal long-term dental care, discuss other options,  and work with you to find a way to fit it into your calendar and your  budget.

Getting to Know Dr. Scott


Affiliations & Hobbies

The Practice


Dr. Scott graduated among the top 10 students in his class of 1999 at The University of Texas  San Antonio Dental School, known as the #1 dental school in the United States. He was inducted into a prestigious honor society, and the recipient of many awards. His desire to learn about the best dental  techniques, materials, and patient care continues today. In the state of Texas, dentists are only required  to have 12 hours of continuing education per year, but Dr. Scott earns hundreds of hours of credits, studying with the most respected clinicians in the world in order to provide his patients with the best  treatment options possible. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Trained & completed the Masters Series with Dr. Steven Cutbirth at the Center for Aesthetic  and Restorative Dentistry (CARD) in Dallas.
  • Received training from Dr. Jimmy Eubank, an international authority and respected lecturer in  the field of cosmetic and bite-related dentistry. 
  • Received training from Dr. Pat Allen, renowned periodontist who specializes in correcting gum  recession with a soft tissue grafting material called Alloderm. 
  • Completed a 2 year residency at the Texas Center for Occlusal Studies, which teaches minimally  invasive techniques for restoring teeth and bite, and how to treat patients with TMJ dysfunction and facial pain. 
  • Certified Biomimetic Dentist, who provides dentistry that replicates the strength, function, and esthetics of natural teeth by replacing only the damaged tooth structure (the most conservative  type of dental restorations).  
  • Certified Bioclear Dentist and Perio Protect Dentist

All of these endeavors have afforded him the ability to provide comprehensive dental care,  complete complex full mouth reconstructions, treat moderate to severe cases of TMD (jaw joint disorder), provide exceptional dental restorations, and achieve beautiful results on cosmetic dentistry cases.

Affiliations & Hobbies

Dr. Scott is a man of faith and regularly attends First Baptist Church in Lubbock. He is a member  of Sonrisas Siempre, a group of dentists who travel to Comayagua, Honduras every January to serve  those who would otherwise not have dental care. He volunteers his time and provides dental care for the  clients of Lubbock Impact, a local mission which provides free dental services to those in need in our  community. He is a member of and has served as an officer in the South Plains District Dental Society  since 2002. Other professional associations include being a member of:

The Practice

Dr. Scott is a general dentist providing services to patients of all ages, including

  • Tooth-colored bonded fillings only—no amalgam metal fillings for our patients
  • Safe removal of amalgam fillings—protecting the patient from exposure to the harmful material 
  • All porcelain veneers—using one of the best esthetic labs in the country 
  • Composite veneers—completed by Dr. Scott in one appointment 
  • Alloderm gum grafting—to treat thin or receding gum tissue 
  • Wisdom teeth extractions 
  • Extractions with bone preservation (grafting)—to prep for implant placement 
  • Onlays, crowns, bridges and implant-supported dentures 
  • Non-surgical periodontal therapy—to treat the bacteria which cause decay and gum disease 
  • Perio Protect therapy—undeniably the most effective way to kill oral bacteria on a daily basis
  • Professional whitening 
  • Analysis and therapy for TMJ and facial pain patients 
  • Full-mouth rehabilitation and bite balancing procedures—to ensure long lasting results

Our office is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, digital radiography (much less radiation  than conventional x-rays), digital photography, and electronic records. 

We take great pride in our strict infection control procedures; use a closed-circuit distilled water  system, superior high volume suction, and barriers whenever possible. Although not required, we do  have a mercury separator to prevent harmful materials from going back into our public water system, and we have a special ventilation system designed to remove even more of the trace amounts of mercury  from the air. It’s important for our patients to know how dedicated we are to protecting their health. 

The patient’s comfort is a top priority. We offer nitrous oxide gas and oral sedation (“dentistry  while you nap”). Other amenities include flat screen television in the ceiling, headphones, neck pillows,  and blankets. Bring your favorite playlist, and we will take care of the rest. Our patients tell us that  going to the dentist office has never before been so comfortable. 

Dr. Scott is only as good as his amazing staff makes him. We hand pick our employees based on personality and character first. Our patients appreciate being known by name when they walk in the  front doors, and they notice the unique personal service we provide. We know there are many options  to choose from when it comes to selecting a dental care team, and we will not take for granted that  you’ve chosen Scott Dentistry. 

Dental Health Coach

“The best way to predict your future health is to create it.”

Did you know that there are a growing number of dentists nationwide that are committed to a mission that is best captured by the quote, “The best dentistry is no dentistry”?  These dental teams are focused on ensuring you have less time in the dental chair over your lifetime—not more.

It is not hard to imagine that people want to avoid being worked on if they can help it.  This is true for most—from operating tables to dental chairs. When we experience our bodies breaking down from disease processes and experience discomfort, pain or don’t have pride in our appearance, we turn to the medical branches to fix us. In which, state-of-the-art treatments are available and serve their purpose.

However, it is often difficult to find the rare health-centered professionals who seek to help you create health and avoid breakdown in the future.  You should know that there are two different ways to deliver treatment:

  • Treatment that is needed to fix something that has gone wrong as part of the disease process.
  • Treatment / partnership that is needed to support someone in their avoidance of future breakdown.

These highly committed teams focus on serving a lower volume of people more carefully and comprehensively to put them in a position of avoiding unplanned consequences of dental disease.  These teams are committed to the Dental Health Coach model of putting patients in control and serving patient driven plans.  Have you experienced the “medical / dental charts” of the past and present that are designed for the professional to monitor your breakdown and repair?  Dental Health Coach Teams utilize specialized tools and technology designed to create charts for you to monitor your  health creation and movement towards creating your own future.  DHC teams actually pursue coaching courses to learn to partner with patients, because fixing teeth is the only skill set taught in dental school.  Health creation is a wholly different process.

To the Scott Dentistry team, coaching means getting into partnership and pursuing what matters to the patient. This coaching model is the truly professional model of coaching—one in which you, the patient, decide what is important, and the Scott Dentistry team wraps ourselves around that clearly established target. Together we will create a healthier future for you!