What Makes Us Different


We believe that the best dentistry is no dentistry. Our goal is to help you  achieve dental health and stay out of Dr. Scott’s chair. You can be confident that Dr. Scott will only offer the best, most conservative treatments using the safest materials to care for your dental needs. Dr. Scott will also consider how dentistry will affect your  overall health.

We keep a very orderly schedule and make every effort to stay on  time—we don’t even put magazines in our reception room because we  will be ready to see you at your reserved appointment time. We offer minimally invasive dentistry, an approach to avoid costly root  canals and  crowns. You can trust that Dr. Scott is truly offering what’s best  for you.

Our new patients spend the majority of their first visit with Dr. Scott. He is directly available to provide explanations and answer questions. We don’t do cookie-cutter treatment plans. Your plan will be  specifically created for you and thoughtfully organized. We refuse to assume that we know what you want, and we will always offer treatment plans for ideal long-term dental care, be open to discuss other options,  and work with you to find a way to fit your treatment into your calendar and your  budget.