Lubbock’s Center for Biorejuvenation and Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Lubbock’s Center for Biorejuvenation and Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Handcrafted Composite Veneers

Noninvasive composite veneers are hand-crafted in the office, so patients don’t need to wear temporaries, and they rarely require any removal of the patient’s enamel. Dr. Scott is a master-skilled artisan with composite filling material, and his composite veneers are proving to be an excellent alternative to porcelain veneers when making smile improvements.

Beautiful, Non-Invasive Smile Changes for Any Age


“I’ve always wanted to do something to my smile, but I didn’t want my teeth ground down. I love Dr. Scott’s composite veneers because they look so natural and there was no damage to my natural teeth.”


Many suffer with chipped worn teeth, chronic headaches, TMJ pain and other symptoms without realizing an unstable bite is the cause. BioRejuvenation is a biology-based treatment that restores the alignment of your teeth and jaw to their natural position.

Life-Changing Results


“I wake up every morning feeling refreshed. I don’t feel like my teeth are grinding. My ears don’t ring, and my eye pain is completely gone.”


“I sleep better. I don’t have the numbness in my fingertips that I had before. I loved it. I can’t say how much it changed my life.”

About Dr. Scott

A patient-focused, quality-driven, health-centered dentist is what you’ll get with Dr. Micheal Scott. His commitment to patients is to provide the highest quality dentistry in a relaxed setting, and to teach them how to break the cycle of dental disease. He says, “the best dentistry is no dentistry,” which supports his highly preventive philosophy.