Bite related disease is very common.  The chewing system consists of not only how the teeth fit together but also includes muscles and the jaw joints.  For some of us we wear down or chip our teeth.  Others have muscle related facial pain.  Some people experience damage to their jaw joints.  Finally, some people experience issues with all 3 parts of the system. The first video below is an introduction to bad bites.  The videos following are patient experiences with bad bites and how rejuvenation dentistry helped resolve the cause.




Wendy noticed that her teeth were worn and asked Dr Scott to repair the damage. In the diagnostic phase, we discovered many other symptoms that were a result of her unstable jaw joint. She couldn't be happier with her results... less pain, sleeping better, and a beautiful smile. 



Rob called our office in terrible pain. His jaw had locked and he could barely open his mouth to eat or speak. He was aware of a habit of grinding his teeth but Rob didn't know that Dr Scott could help him resolve the problem with Rejuvenation Dentistry. Now his pain is gone, he can function normally and he looks great!


Pat has been a patient of Dr. Scott's for several years but it wasn't until the spring of 2016 that she made the choice to let him help her with chipping teeth along with chronic jaw & neck pain. Pat recognized that for many years she had only been managing her symptoms, and now Dr Scott was offering her a treatment to address the CAUSE of her problems. She's thrilled with the outcome and feels like it was worth the investment to improve her quality of life. 


At first, Rode thought his treatment was focused only to repair the damage to his teeth and inprove the appearance.  We discovered along the way that he was unaware of severe head pain that he had been accustomed to living with. 


Patty had a very complex case.  First, braces were required to get teeth in the ballpark of where they were supposed to go followed by stabilization therapy and rejuvenation of the teeth. 


Dianna had experienced jaw pain for many years but a car accident made her pain much worse.