"The best way to predict your future health is to create it."

Did you know that there are a growing number of dentists nationwide that are committed to a mission that is best captured by the quote "the best dentistry - is no dentistry"?  These dental teams are focused on ensuring that you have less time in the dental chair over your lifetime not more.

It  is not hard to imagine that people want to avoid being worked on if they can help it.  This is true for most - from operating tables to dental chairs. When we experience our bodies breaking down from disease processes and experience discomfort, pain or don't have pride in our appearance - we turn to the medical branches to fix us.  In which, state-of-the-art treatments are available and serve their purpose.

It is often difficult to find however, the rare health-centered professionals that seek to help you create health and avoid the breakdown in the future.  You should know that there are two different ways to deliver treatment:

  1. Treatment that is needed to fix something that has gone wrong as part of the disease process. 
  2. Treatment / partnership that is needed to support someone in their avoidance of future breakdown.

These highly committed teams focus on serving a lower volume of people more carefully and comprehensively to put them in a position of avoiding unplanned consequences of dental disease.  These teams are committed to the Dental Health Coach model of putting patients in control and serving patient driven plans.  Have you experienced the "medical / dental charts" of the past and present that are designed for the professional to monitor your breakdown and repair?  Dental Health Coach Teams utilize specialized tools and technology designed to create charts for you to monitor your  health creation and movement towards creating your own future.  DHC teams actually pursue coaching courses to learn to partner with patients, because fixing teeth is the only skill set taught in dental school.  Health creation is a wholly different process.

Coaching to the Scott Dentistry team means getting into partnership and pursuing what matters to the patient.  There is no place for whistles, pushing, scolding, etc...that some would equate to coaching.  This coaching model is the truly professional model of coaching - one in which you the patient decide what is important and the Scott Dentistry team wraps ourselves around that clearly established target. 

Together we will create a healthier future for you!